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Uneven Pigmentation

Skin Tone (Brown and/or Red Discolorations)

Brown and red discolorations (complexion irregularities, also known as skin tone) typically occur as a result of overexposure to sunlight. Light skinned patients typically get “sunspots” and broken red blood vessels. Dark skinned patients tend to get a blotchy complexion called hyperpigmentation. The typical solution would involve various laser treatments. At MD TLC we have over 7 cutting-edge laser technologies that are safe and can optimally treat YOUR skin type.

sun spot removal

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Hyperpigmentation is the overproduction of pigment (melanin) which can make the skin look tired and dull. Dark skinned patients are more prone to this condition. Traditionally, lasers have not been safe for darker skin types. Using various contemporary protocols, the low energy Q-Switched laser, and non-ablative fractional lasers can be used in a series of treatments with good results. The lasers are combined with topical medical grade products to enhance and maintain the results.


Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation (brown spots) can be addressed by combining specific laser wavelengths with medical grade cosmeceuticals or prescription lightening agents on all skin types.



Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease that presents as flushing, broken red blood vessels (telangiectasia), and occasionally bumps. The proper wavelength of a laser is required to remove the telangiectasia and can help control flare-ups. Maintenance treatments are recommended for best results.

Rosacea Treatment

Vascular lesions (red spots or telangiectasia) can only safely be removed with the proper wavelength of laser. We have both superficial and deep wavelengths available to treat each abnormality with the safest and most effective device. This device can also be used to improve red scars or stretch marks.

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