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We are now offering laser tattoo removal treatments with the amazing technology of the PicoSure laser! The PicoSure represents the next generation of tattoo removal treatments and is capable quickly removing the full spectrum of colored tattoo inks. MD TLC’s full suite of laser technology is capable of removing just about any unwanted tattoo.


What to Expect During PicoSure Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo you regret, it can be quickly removed with PicoSure laser treatments. Although it varies with size and color, at least four to six appointments are usually needed to completely remove the average tattoo. Schedule an in-office consultation to get a better idea of how long your ink will take to remove!

Tattoo Removal

PicoSure™ Laser Tattoo Removal

Some people say laser tattoo removal feels similar to getting a tattoo, but for a much shorter duration. If necessary, a cooling anesthetic can be applied to alleviate any discomfort. PicoSure laser tattoo removal treatments have few side effects, typically including a sunburn-like sensation and some temporary skin whitening. Most people are able to resume their normal activities immediately following treatment, no downtime required.


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Unwanted Tattoos

revlite logoThe only safe and effective way to remove a tattoo is with a specific laser. Patients are typically interested in removing the entire tattoo, or a part of the tattoo, with the intention to “cover up” with a new tattoo. MD TLC has state-of-the-art devices that can remove all color inks on most skin types.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

If you have an unwanted tattoo, the only safe and successful means of removing a tattoo is with a specialized rapid-firing laser. The Cynosure RevLite SI™ eliminates any color tattoo precisely without harming the surrounding skin. Treatments are quick and safe on most skin types. A series of treatments are typically required.   See Results!

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