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Love the look of a tan but not the negative effects of sun exposure?

Here at MD TLC we spend a great deal of time working with a variety of technologies to reverse sun damage and the adverse effects of sun exposure, we are now proud to offer a healthy alternative.

Organic Air-Brush Tanning

A natural looking tan not only looks healthy and beautiful but it can hide imperfections and help you feel better showing off some skin. It can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and help you feel slimmer and more confident in and out of your clothes!


Whether you're looking for a subtle winter glow or a back home from the beach-bronze we offer a variety of shades to give you the perfect customized tan to suit whatever look you're going for.

Our Doctor-Formulated Solution

The solution we use is formulated with your skin health in mind. Composed of the highest quality, premium grade DHA and free of any harsh dyes and chemicals. Unlike most spray tans, our solution is hypoallergenic, made of all natural ingredients and free of alcohol, oils and fragrance. We carry a range of potencies and our staff is well experienced working with different skin tones and types to provide you a natural looking, even tan, every time.

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