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SculpSure® to Reduce Double Chin

If you’ve been struggling with submental fat, otherwise known as double chin, there’s a non-invasive treatment that can help! Laser double chin treatment is ideal for those who have excess fat around the jawline that has been resistant to a regular diet and exercise routine. If you’ve been interested in Kybella® injections to reduce double chin, but are looking for a treatment with less downtime, SculpSure laser treatments are right for you!


How Does SculpSure Neck Work?

SculpSure laser neck fat treatment uses gentle, light-based laser technology to melt away stubborn fat around the chin. This laser treatment raises the temperature of fat cells while keeping the skin cool at the same time, so the surrounding skin isn’t damaged. In the weeks following SculpSure submental fat treatment, fat cells are removed through your body’s natural processes. Laser double chin treatment is safe for most skin types and is more inclusive than other treatment options due to the ability to treat patients with a higher BMI.

What to Expect During Submental Fat Treatment

A single SculpSure laser treatment lasts about 25 minutes, although multiple sessions may be needed for best results. While patient experience and results may vary, most patients require at least two sessions spaced six weeks apart. Some side effects may include stinging and burning during treatment and some bruising while your body is healing, although this isn’t considered to be a painful procedure. Many people start to see results six weeks following treatment, while it can take up to twelve weeks to reveal best possible results. Since this is a non-invasive laser treatment to reduce the appearance of double chins, you may return to your normally scheduled activities immediately following.


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