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Botox & Injectables

BOTOX®, Dysport®, and Xeomin® Injections

BOTOX® Cosmetic, and other forms of botulinum toxin (Dysport® and Xeomin®) relax facial muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Common treatment areas are worry-lines (between the eyebrows), crow’s feet (lines around the eyes), and horizontal lines across your forehead. As advanced injectors, our physicians can also inject the lower face to prevent aging effects around the mouth and neck.


Facial Creases, Shadows, and Deflation (Volume Loss)

Facial creases, shadows, and deflation can be caused by genetics as well as time. These concerns make the face look less radiant and sometimes fatigued. The contemporary uses of filling agents with hyaluronic acid have offered a quick and immediate fix to this problem. It is imperative that the injector possesses artistic skill as well as a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy to offer the patient a safe and effective outcome. All fillers have certain characteristics that make them ideal for a particular area of the face.  At MD TLC, we use all fillers available from major pharmaceutical companies that are FDA cleared.

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Injectable Fillers - Juvederm and Voluma Family, Restylane / Restylane Lift, Belotero, and Radiesse

Injectable fillers have revolutionized facial rejuvenation and enhancement. Facial deflation (or volume loss) begins at about the age of 30 and contributes to dark circles under the eyes, flattened cheeks, thinning of the temples (peanut-head), lines/shadows on the corners of the mouth (marionette lines), and lip thinning. Our expert injectors have a vast knowledge of facial anatomy and will choose the best filler for each area for an optimal outcome. As we say here at MD TLC, “the result comes from the artist, not their paint”.


We now offer Restylane silk filler for optimized enhancement of lips and lines around the mouth.

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